Oxford Bike Locksmith: Bike Lock Cutting Removal Service (Lost/Broken Key)

Removal of bike locks near me in Oxfordshire, UK

Bike/bicycle/motorbike kryptonite U & D lock cutting & removal services start at £65. Our bike locksmith in Oxford assisting with the cutting and removal of the bike lock.

We most frequently unlock U lock, D lock, and kryptonite locks.

We can also repair any stuck locks. It can take up to 20 minutes for us to release your bicycle. We will be there in 30 minutes with your bicycle.

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How much does cutting bike lock cost?

The cost of bike lock removal depends on the type of lock that needs to be opened. Here is a price list of our bike lock cutting locksmith service.

  • For cutting U lock – Start from £65
  • For cutting D lock – Start from £65
  • For cutting Kryptonite lock – Start from £75
  • For Extracting broken keys – Start from £55

We can remove various types of bike locks:

  • Locks for bicycles
  • Bicycle locks
  • D-locking chains
  • Bike locks made of Kryptonite
  • Locks made of cable
  • U-shaped locks
  • Locking brakes
  • Master key
  • The disc lock
  • Locks with a code
  • Typical bicycle lock

Bike Keys Misplaced

Keys gone missing? It can be stressful to lose your bike/bicycle/motorbike keys. Our bike locksmith can quickly remove your bike lock and get you back on the road.

Shattered/Broken Bike Key

If your bike key broke inside the lock, you’ll need to contact a 24-hour mobile bike locksmith to extract the broken key and get you back on the road.

Bicycle Theft Attempt

If someone tried to steal your bike, we most likely damaged the lock on the inside. In such cases, a bike locksmith is your best bet for removing kryptonite locks, chain locks, d locks, cable locks, or u locks.

How much unlocking bike cost

The cost for bike lock removal depending on type of the chain.

What to do if lost bike keys

If you have lost your Ford car keys, our experienced locksmiths can help. We offer emergency lockout services and provide ford replacement keys on the spot.