Commercial Locksmith Services In Oxford

Are you worried about the security of your business premises in Oxfordshire? Then you’ll be glad to know that there is a professional commercial Oxford locksmith available in the area who can provide all the necessary protection. The experienced and knowledgeable team at this local company will make sure that your property is safe and secure, so that you can rest easy knowing everything is taken care of. Whether it’s installing new locks, door closer service, repairing malfunctioning ones or providing advice on how to improve existing systems, they are ready to help! Read on for more details on what our expert commercial locksmith can do for businesses in Oxford.

Commercial locksmith prices

Commercial Locksmith Services

Commercial locksmith services can provide incredible benefits to the business owner. Commercial locksmiths have specialized knowledge regarding high-security locks, restricted key systems, and many other types of locking systems used in businesses.

It is essential for businesses of all sizes to stay up to date with their security approach as it not only protects their valuable assets, but also keeps their customers and employees safe. Commercial locksmiths are trained in installing keyless entry systems and electronic access control systems as well as repairing locks that may be malfunctioning or need an upgrade due to wear and tear over time.

Having a reliable commercial locksmith available is not only a sound investment for businesses, but can also give them peace of mind by knowing their premises are thoroughly secured from unwanted intrusions.

High-Security Lock Installation

Installing secure locks to protect businesses from break-ins and intruders. Includes electronic access control systems, keyless entry systems, deadbolts, and biometric scanners.

Rekeying Services

Changing the internal components of locks so that existing keys no longer work. This is often done after a business has experienced a security breach or when they are looking to change their security system altogether. 

Key Duplication

Creating additional keys for businesses to use in their day-to-day operations. Also includes making copies of car keys for customers with urgent needs. 

Lock Repair & Maintenance

Keeping locks in working condition and troubleshooting when problems arise, including broken keys, jammed door mechanisms, and malfunctioning electronic access control systems. 

Master Key Systems

Creating a master key that can open multiple doors within the same building or facility with just one key—great for businesses looking for an efficient way to manage access control throughout their property. 

Safe Opening & Combination Change

Breaking into safes in order to retrieve forgotten combinations or to replace outdated combinations with new ones that are more secure and reliable (ideal if you’re concerned about the safety of your documents). 

Panic Bar Installation & Repair

Installing panic bars lock on commercial doors so that people can easily flee during emergencies without having to fumble with a lock or key. Also includes servicing existing panic bars if they become damaged or malfunctions over time due to wear and tear.

How much cost to replace commercial locks?

The cost of replacing commercial locks will depend on the type of the lock. We can provide you with an upfront quote.

What to do if lost keys to the shop?

If you have lost your keys to your shop its best to call our locksmith in Oxofrd to change the locks.